Bafang 48V 500W Electric Bicycle Gear Hub Motor Rear Wheel Drive eBike Conversion Kit for Cassette Flywheel Engine e-Bike Kit

Accept OEM: Yes
Brand Name: Akkubici
Accept Dropshipping: Yes
Overseas Warehouse:Yes
Original Manufacturer:Yes
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

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About us:

Brief introduction

Akkubici is a group company focus on manufacturing electric bikes and related products, such as E-bikes, E-bike motors kits, batteries, chargers, and other accessories. We have 2 factories in Guangzhou, and 1 sale & sample center in DONGGUAN. We have more than 15 years of experience in electric bike manufacturing, which means RELIABLE. We are one of the four global agents of BaFang.
We are not the traditional electric bicycles factory in China that you used to know, we are a new type of factory; we are the E-bike factory that haves the best understanding of customer needs and the best understanding of the market trend. Besides,We are a company that focuses mostly on legendary service and pursues mostly product innovation. we can better fulfill our promise of the market’s highest quality, consistency, product innovation, and price leadership.

About us

We have international standard production lines, advanced mold equipment, strict quality control. At Akkubici, you get the best electric bike productions. We apply the same production processes as Nike, Adidas, or Apple Computers for our customers to have the highest quality and the biggest selection of customization options with a professional R&D team, we can offer OEM/ODM service,the most important thing is for people who just start or want to start their electric bike small business, we offer drop shipping service. 
We also do not want to be the cheapest factory. What we can guarantee is that you get the best quality products and the most excellent service at the fairest price. Our products enjoy a good reputation among our customers. You can find lots of reviews on the Internet if you want.
First,we have 25 overseas warehouses in both US and EU (DE,ES,FR,PO), which can ship the product to customers in a very short time and offer customers an excellent after-sales service. Second, we have a factory in Poland and we have our own company in Poland as well.
Compared with traditional electric bike factories, we still have many differences, but this would take several pages. You can click why choose us. This is the most important part of our company and you will learn how to choose a factory wisely. If you miss it, you lose hundreds of millions!

Our Value

Many people told us about their terrible experiences in choosing electric bike manufacturers. Terrible customer service and disappointing product quality. We don’t want our clients to have the same experience as them. Not only do we guarantee the quality of our products, but also we focus on market trends, product innovation, and outstanding service. So that our customers can earn more money by working with us. 
On the one hand, We hope our clients are proud of working with us. I hope our relationship is not only a business partnership but also a trust-like friend. There has a real connection between us. on the other hand, We will do everything to support our clients to make their business grow, so that we both can sell a lot in the future! Because we believe that we only succeed if our customers succeed! This is our VALUE!
If you want your brand to be special, to stand out in electric bike shops, and to be remembered for the highest quality and competitive prices. And if you want to spend your time growing your company instead of holding lengthy price negotiations with suppliers, if you hope to find the most reliable electric bike factory, then you have arrived at the right place. congratulations! Today is your last stop! 

Frequently Asked Questions:
Are you a real manufacturer? Can I visit your factory?
Yes! We are an electric bike manufacturer with 15years of manufacturing experience in CHINA. We have two factories in GUANGZHOU province.
We certainly welcome you to visit our factories anytime! More importantly, we can introduce more information about the industry to you!
Where do the products ship from? how long it will take?
If it is OEM/ODM, you can get the products for around 60-90 days.
If it is in stock, We will ship directly from our 25 overseas warehouses in the US, EU (DE, ES, FR, PO), UK, you can get the products in 3-15 days.
There are not so many factories that can do that. This is an important advantage of our company.
What is your warranty?
We offer a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. The motor warranty for the bike is 2 years, the controller is 1 year, and the battery 1 year.
What is your minimum order quantity?
We have complete vehicles and accessories.
It depends on models and your requests.
please contact us to discuss your requests.
We will give you the best solution!
Can I get a sample? how about the fee?
Yes, no problem. We only charge the retail price for the sample. And when you decide to order with us, the fee of simple will be considered for free.
Most of the factories will charge more money which is already over the retail price of simple.
How much does shipping cost?
it depends on your location. cause we have 25 overseas warehouses in the US, EU(DE, ES, FR, PO), UK. The shipping cost is definitely cheaper than other manufacturers.
How I can pay?
Most of our customers use L/C to pay. because this is the most secure and safe way for you. It will be acceptable if you have a new way to pay as well!
Can we put our logo on the bikes?
Of course. We offer OEM/ODM service. You can make your own logo and style! Besides, we own so much data of the different market. We can give you advice if you need it as well!
What about packaging?
We know how important packaging means for customers. All of our packing uses thick paper boxes with foam. We have 2 types of packing.
One is folding packed(easy for end-user), one is 80% packed (to save space). All goods will be 100% packaged properly and safely!
Do you have all documents which are approved to sell in my country?
Yes! we have all the documents from different countries. please contact our customer services for more details if you want.
What about your after-sale service?
We will reply to you within 3 hours of working time. And we will give you a solution within 3 days.
What is your payment term?
30%deposit +70% balance payment before shipping.
What about Spare Parts?
We don't offer free Spare Parts. But we usually suggest our customers get 5% Spare Parts. And they like that!
Got more questions?
Please contact us: