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Is the manufacturing of other countries must be better than the Chinese manufacturing?

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Update time : 2021-03-26 16:26:27
The answer is NO.
There has always been a lot of concern about Chinese goods. They are easily broken, unreliable, and the quality of any Chinese product, including food, is a great concern. However, we do have good Chinese products. The Apple iPhone is one of the best. It is made entirely in China and is a great example of design and quality.
Especially newcomers to the manufacturing industry, they always have a stereotypical influence from outside the industry - Made in China represents poor quality. Today I'm sharing with you some inside information about global manufacturing that you've never heard from the perspective of a native Chinese with 15 years of ebike manufacturing, exporting experience and working with countless different Chinese manufacturing industries since.
As you know, there are many factories in the world, Europe, USA, India, China, etc. But those who have really been in the supply chain business will know that what really determines the quality of goods is how they are made and by whom, and by what values the goods are made by a company. And not because simply because of the factory from which country to define, because that is not wise.
China has leveraged its demographic dividend to become the world's premier manufacturing power with very low manufacturing costs. Globally, China is the country with the largest number of factories in the world. With so many factories, each businessman values different things, and the quality of the good and the bad is certain. However, the market is always changing, and in the end, the factory that can pass the test of the market and the cruel test of time must be the one that makes products and services with heart and soul.
Made in Japan is also good, Made in Germany is also good, once the quality of products and uneven quality of Made in China products without strict control. It's like Slovakia's ice hockey is great, China's table tennis is great, but you can conclude that Chinese sports are not as good as Slovakia's just because China's ice hockey is not as good.
Many of our customers have shared with us that they have encountered many bad quality and high priced Made in other countries products when they were selecting OEMs, only that things like this did not end up in most people's information channels because of the width and breadth of communication, but there is no denying the fact that every country has factories that do well and factories that do not do well, so for For you who are looking for a factory, it is more important to understand a factory itself, not which country it comes from.

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