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Are your prices the cheapest in the electric bike industry?

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Update time : 2021-03-26 16:43:11
I can definitely tell you no. We also do not want to be the cheapest, what we can guarantee is that you get the best quality products and the most extreme service at the fairest price.
If you take a look inside the factory, or if you have a friend who knows about EBike industry, you will find that the price of an ebike is directly proportional to its quality. ebikes are most expensive for batteries and motors, no doubt about it, but high-quality bike components are also expensive. A good ebike must have both of these things. Quality brakes, wheels and tires, mechanical and electric drivetrains, etc. can make a world of difference, even if they have similar labels.
Ebikes have only caught on in the last few years, and more and more are seeing the potential of the pie and getting in on the action. But not everyfactory is the same values, make the product properly, are worthy of making people believe.
The quality of products in any industry must be from the beginning of the uneven to the back of the bad money to expel good money. Similarly, the former Made in China in the eyes of everyone is a representative of poor quality, to now, more and more people choose Made in China, because we know that the important thing is not to make it there, but to find a really in that place to do the product with care, and willing to provide customers with the ultimate service, and to do the reliable factory.
If you want every customer using your products can have the best quality ebike, if you hope to find a most reliable Chinese factory, then congratulations, today is your last stop!

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