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Excellent electric bikes that are easy to access | Urban Electric Bikes | Review
For both men and women, "traveling" electric bicycles are easy to assemble and disassemble, and are becoming more and more popular. It is comfortable to ride, less likely to be injured, and easy to maintain. In this video, I would like to introduce a bran
The cheapest folding electric bike | one year later!
How to maintain the folding function of the cheapest and most powerful electric bicycle one year later? This is my comment on the famous electric folding bicycle. So, after using this white flag electric bicycle for one year, what do you think? does it wo
Best Budget City E-Bike Unboxing - BAFANG 250W 36V
Unboxing and the first impressions of the Best Budget City E-bike equipped with the brand new BAFANG 250 watt 2021 mid-drive motor.
Urban e-bike 28-inch, aluminum alloy frame, battery 36V 15Ah, mid-drive motor 250 watts and Shimano Altus 8 Speed with CE
E-Bike MAINTENANCE - Mudguards Installation
E-Bike MAINTENANCE - Mudguards Installation
E-Bikes Maintenance, how to remove the rear wheel, and mudguards installation (fenders). Keeping your bike isn't difficult, a lot of simple fixes, adjustments, and frequent maintenance can be easily done at hom
Unboxing and Assembling New Folding eBike 2021
In this video, I unboxed and assembled a new Folding eBike. The bike I received, is the 2021 Accolmile 20 inch unisex Beach Booster E-bike, a perfect bike for seniors, women, and those looking for a comfortable multi-purpose cycle.
How To Build Your New Electric Mountain Bike From The Box
Unboxing and assembling the New Electric Mountain Bike mid-drive e-bike Accomile, Bafang (8 Fun) BBSHD 1000 watt, 48 volts, 12,8amp hour, this bike can take me up to 60km/h with about 70 kilometers range. Build your new electric mountain bike from the box
The BEST Mountain Bike 1kW Mid Drive on a Budget
I will review and run a quick test of a BEST Mountain Bike 1kW Mid Drive on a Budget that you can buy online! This is the brand new fat e-bike Accolmile with the Bafang 1000 Watts, 48V full-suspension Mountain Bike. As usual, in this video, you will find
The Cheapest Powerful FOLDING E Bike | REVIEW
I want to show you this amazing, unbranded, best budget Folding E-BIKE (electric bicycle) A 20-inch fat tire electric bike capable of competing side-by-side with the famous MATE X and Fiido M1. This bike comes with a strong BAFANG 750W motor, 14.5Ah Samsu