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About us Akkubici is an electric bike manufacturer that focuses on manufacturing electric bikes from 2006. We have 2 factories in Guangzhou Learn more
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How to Choose a reliable ebike factory wisely
How to Choose a reliable ebike factory wisely This is the most important part of our company and you will learn how to choose a factory wisely. If you miss it, you lose hundreds of millions! Learn more
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Are your prices the cheapest in the electric bike industry?
Mar.26.21  If you take a look inside the factory, or if you have a friend who knows about EBike industry, you will find that the price of an ebike is directly proportional to its quality. ebikes are most expensive for batteries and motors, no doubt about it, but hi
How to choose a reliable electric bike manufacturer?
Mar.26.21 If you search for an electric bike manufacturer on the Internet, you will find - similar to any product - numerous manufacturers. The question that everyone asks himself here is: "Why should I order exactly e-bike from this manufacturer and why exactly th
Is the manufacturing of other countries must be better than the Chinese manufacturing?
Mar.26.21 There has always been a lot of concern about Chinese goods. They are easily broken, unreliable, and the quality of any Chinese product, including food, is a great concern. However, we do have good Chinese products. The Apple iPhone is one of the best. It